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Factors To Utilize Machine Translation


How do you understand when machine translation is ideal for a particular task or for your organisation? Some translation tasks are better left to human translators. Nevertheless, machine translation has distinct benefits of its own. With that in mind, here are 5 compelling factors to utilize machine translation.


One of the essential benefits of machine translation is speed. A computer program can translate incredible quantities of content quickly. Human translators, on the other hand, are more accurate however take a lot longer to finish the same amount of work.


Machine translation is also less expensive than utilizing a human translator. Not just is it much faster, but computers do not (yet!) require a minimum per hour wage. Expert translators, on the other hand, are professionals who are worthy of to be compensated for their know-how.

The key here is to conserve that expertise for when it's in fact needed. If all you need is a rough translation, machine translation can get you the info you require far more inexpensively than a human translator. In reality, our machine translation services can save you anywhere from 35% and 98% of the cost of a human translator.

Machine translation is the only practical option for sorting through big amounts of information.

In cross-border cases, it's not uncommon to have terabytes worth of information to check. That's quite literally millions of documents, such as a light novel, the majority of which are most likely irrelevant to the case.

Finding enough expert linguists to translate all of these documents is practically difficult. Even if you might hire enough translators, the costs would be staggering. Machine translation makes it possible to sort through the foreign language documents, look for relevant terms, and get the gist of what they're about. Just the files that are essential to the case at hand can be sent out to human translators.

Machine translation is likewise useful when you have large quantities of user-generated material that requires to be equated quickly. For instance, machine translation makes it possible to quickly translate and examine customer reviews, online remarks and social networks posts. Human translators can then follow up if required.


Even the most reliable staff members can make errors. That's why, as a basic rule, the more people who have access to a file, the greater the security risks. By minimizing the variety of people who have to gain access to sensitive information, machine translation can improve data security.

( One caveat: Free translation platforms, like Google Translate, included security vulnerabilities of their own! If the files in question aren't public, do not use a totally free online service. Rather, work with your language company to find a protected machine translation option.).

Machine translation engines can also be tailored with your favored organisation terms, enhancing the consistency of equated documents. The computer program can be trained to use the exact same term for the exact same principle every time. This assists keep your company's "voice" intact even when working with several linguists and reams of material.

Attempting to decide between machine translation or human-powered translation? Why not both?

When you combine the speed and performance of machine translation with the knowledge of human translators for post-editing, you get the best of both worlds: accuracy and effectiveness, for a reasonable price. MTLNovel's software-as-service reduces manual resource drain to make the procedure a lot more efficient.

Many organisations have no company using the complimentary online version of translation tools like Google Translate. Specialist, personalized machine translation services are much faster, and more precise and protected. For example, MTLNovel, has a proprietary system that increases the speed and performance of standard machine translation software. When you require skilled human eyes on your task, our expert linguists are there to assist. And our award-winning task management procedure keeps your jobs on time and on budget plan.