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Why PC Gaming is Better Than Console Gaming


The PC market has progressed a lot over the previous 20 years. The very same is true for the PC gaming scene. Elements and style options in games that appeared advanced less than 20 years earlier are nowadays considered granted. Of course, it wasn’t constantly easy. One need only discuss the impact of the console industry and all the efforts it has made in order to emerge as “exceptional”. Luckily, really few players believe that console gaming is the supreme option to this day. Still, we feel like it’s our duty to remind you why PC is much better than console gaming. Here are only a few of the main reasons that you ought to constantly choose PC over consoles.


Getting a console killer is less expensive (or a little bit more costly) than buying current-gen consoles

Now that the mining fad is lastly over and the GPU prices have fallen, it’s completely safe to state that buying an excellent gaming rig won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In truth, a little googling will reveal you that there are decent and cheap battlestations to be discovered everywhere (for as low-cost as $200). $400 will get you a gaming PC that can exceed every current-gen console. What’s even much better, there’s space for potential upgrades, which is not something that can be said for consoles.

Steam is the undisputed king of computer game digital circulation platforms

You might not concur with all of Steam’s policies. You may question the quality of some (indie) titles that appear out of nowhere. However you likewise need to agree that there is no other computer game platform like it. With over 20.500 games released and 125 million registered users (numbers that are continuously increasing), it’s clear that the platforms utilized by consoles will most likely never reach the heights of Steam. Not to discuss that Steam sales are better by a mile, although Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have actually been attempting to capture up.

Console exclusives are not so exclusive any longer

Yes, we’re aware there’s still the periodic God of War or Uncharted title. And yes, they are good video games. But think about it: would you really spend money on a brand name brand-new console just so you can play a few “exclusives”? The truth is that business ultimately port the majority of these titles to PC, and even polish them and make them much better overall. Hence, there’s no requirement to feel bad about not being able to play a good console unique or 2. Eventually, all you need to do is consider all the sweet PC exclusives you can play whenever you want. And their number is much bigger.

Mods, mods, mods …

This is practically self-explanatory. The PC gaming neighborhood is a passionate one. Whenever we see a terrific video game, it’s our solemn duty to attempt and make it even much better. The result? Thousands and thousands of wonderful and innovative mods that include improved graphics, along with new levels, items, enemies and other additionals that downright take the base game to the next level. 100 mods for Skyrim, anybody?

Higher framerates and resolutions

Stable 60 fps. 1080p. 1440p. 4k. 8k. Dream on, consoles!